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Criminal Code of Canada Child Protection

The Government of Canada has made many laws and criminal codes to provide safety and protection to all the children of the nation. Criminal code of Canada child protection provides legal protection to all the children of Canada. All the criminal charges and laws are provided to stop child abuse and exploitation of the children.

Every person of Canada can go to the police station to report a case of child abuse or exploitation of a child.

The criminal code of Canada child protection requires that the abuse be reported to the police. Then the police department makes an inquiry to verify if charges are required. If the police find out that, there is enough proof to lay a charge then they will take the next action. After that, the case will go to the Crown Prosecutor and he will take legal actions in the court.

Everyone should remember two things if the case goes to the court. The child, who is the victim of the abuse, is the witness for the Crown. The criminal does not have his own lawyer in the courtroom. Second thing is that the guiltiness of the criminal is determined using the standard that he must be found on the wrong side of the law beyond a sensible doubt. If a criminal is found not guilty, then it does not mean that the sufferer was not understood. Rather, the reason is that there was not much proof to find guilty.

Criminal code of Canada child protection also provides child safety against sexual interference. Every person who tries to touch or touches directly a part of the body of a child or the person of under the age of 14 is guilty. Such criminal is responsible custody for a term of not more than 10 years.

The criminal code of Canada child protection provides a right to the children of the nation against their sexual exploitation. Every person who behaves in a wrong manner with a child for sexual purposes is guilty for this action. Some people make use of their relationship to exploit sexually a person under the age of 14.

Some of the people also invite or motivate a young person to touch indirectly or directly their body. Such people are culpable and accountable to sentence for a term of not more than five years.

Some people are found guilty in the incest crime. The person who commits incest is responsible of an indictable offence and he is legally responsible to custody for a term of not more than 14 years.

The criminal code of Canada child protection also includes a section on abuse of brother and sister relationship. Criminals, who commit incest with a child that is in relationship, can be charged with the common child abuse sections of the criminal code of Canada.

People are legally bound to report all suspected cases of child abuse to the Child Welfare department of Alberta. Then the Child Welfare should call the police to provide safety to the children.

Thus, everyone can provide safety and protection to his children with the help of the criminal code of Canada child protection.


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