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Florida LCSW Child Protection Certificate

Florida Department of Children and Family Services provide a Florida lcsw child protection certificate in collaboration with the Professional Development Center. This department has organized a research program which includes an inclusive training and certification course. The LCSW certificate is an ideal course for those who are interested and have good communication and time management skills.

Candidates who complete this program can make a career in human and social services. Human and social services department is a broad department and it provides a wide range of various jobs.

After completing Florida lcsw child protection certificate course one may prefer to work as a counselor, public administrator, social worker, psychiatric aide or a childcare worker. Professionals working in this field play various important roles in a society. Additional education is required to work and make a career in this field. Most of the positions require a degree, but some managerial and directorial positions require higher degrees.

This project tries to found an experiential basis for understanding the conditions that create cost-effective and flourishing training programs for Florida child protection counselors. The first stage of this research will find out the level to which the job training impacts individual worker presentation, and the second chapter will decide the impact that this training project has on the performance of the association as a whole.

Thus, the research will deal with both the managerial development and the transfer of training. This project includes a study of both existing and newly collected data.
This two part training program includes six months of classroom training, which is followed by a controlled knowledge exhibition on a 100 item test.

The stage I research is intended to decide the level to which knowledge and skills obtained in the training are consequently demonstrated on the job. This research is also designed to classify other factors that supply to such transfer and to authorize a model of transfer to training in the social services atmosphere. This training program offers an opportunity to verify its legality in social service surroundings.

The training program deals with the interactive effects of aspects of the background of the trainee, the directorial work atmosphere, the training team and the supervisor. This research program has the potentials of providing answers to the important questions related to efficiently training child protection workers and managing social service agencies. In this way, the Florida lcsw child protection certificate course is one of the most important projects of the government of Florida.

It provides complete information on various child protection laws of the Florida government and many career opportunities are available in this field for those who are interested in it.


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